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How to Create QR Code on Android Phone

Of course, there are many reasons that make you interested in generating QR Codes.

People are increasingly utilising their smartphones more than ever before, thanks to the emergence of newer and quicker technologies. It's all about delivering information from one person to another, or from a business to a consumer, as quickly as possible. The QR code is one of the most used marketing mediums nowadays.

Mobile devices can scan and understand QR (Quick Response) Codes. This has been utilised by marketers on billboards, publications, websites, and other marketing materials. QR codes may instantly give additional information about a product or service, and the information is delivered to the user's device.

QR codes, in essence, encourage mobile phone connection and engagement. This sort of marketing approach allows organisations to communicate with their customers. Users have had it with anything that is sluggish and time-consuming these days. In the world of marketing, it's all about being immediate and quick.


How to Create QR Codes on Android Phone

Step 1: Launch our site QRCodesCreator.com on your Android phone, and choose Create QR Codes button.


Step 2: Now choose your favorit QR Code you want to create if its


Step 3: lets try it on youtube video link want to create QR code for it .. all you will do is to goto Link button and paste the video link URL and you are done.


Step 4: after creating the QR code you can do some style on your QR Code by adding logo or changing colors and more


Step 5: after done creating and do some style on your QR Code you can click on save button to choose your favorit extension of your QR Code as ( PNG - SVG - PDF - Printing it ) your QR Code in a low - medium - high resolution image

Save  our QRCodesCreator.com as App to your Android Phone

To make the process find our site to be easier for you to generate QR Codes, you can easily save this service and use it as an application on your Android phone with very simple steps.

Step 1: Open QRCodesCreator.com from your chrome browser. Tap the 3 dots on the top of your browser.


Step 2: Choose “Add to Home screen”, then rename the app to be “QRCodes” then choose add.


Step 3: Now check your Home Screen, you will find the “QRCodes” app as shown in the below screenshot. In the future, you can generate any QR Codes through it directly.